Säsongstarter i USA.

*$#*! My Dad Says CBS S.1 23/9
30 Rock NBC S.5 23/9
90210 The CW S.3 13/9
The Amazing Race CBS S.17 26/9
American Dad FOX S.6 3/10
America’s Next Top Model The CW S.15 8/9
The Apprentice NBC S.10 16/9
Better With You ABC S.1 22/9
The Big Bang Theory CBS S.4 23/9
The Biggest Loser NBC S.10 21/9
Blue Bloods CBS S.1 24/9
Boardwalk Empire HBO S.1 19/9
Bones FOX S.6 23/9
Bored to Death HBO S.2 26/9
Brothers & Sisters ABC S.5 26/9
Castle ABC S.3 20/9
Chase NBC S.1 20/9
Chuck NBC S.4 20/9
The Cleveland Show FOX S.2 26/9
The Closer TNT S.6 29/11
Community NBC S.2 23/9
Cougar Town ABC S.2 22/9
Criminal Minds CBS S.6 22/9
CSI CBS S.11 23/9
CSI: Miami CBS S.9 3/10
CSI: New York CBS S.7 24/9
Dancing with the Stars ABC S.11 20/9
The Defenders CBS S.1 22/9
Desperate Housewives ABC S.7 26/9
Detroit 1-8-7 ABC S.1 21/9
Dexter Showtime S.5 26/9
Eastbound & Down HBO S.2 26/9
The Event NBC S.1 20/9
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ABC S.8 26/9
Family Guy FOX S.9 26/9
Firday Night Lights DirecTV S.5 27/10
Fringe FOX S.3 23/9
Glee FOX S.2 21/9
The Good Wife CBS S.2 28/9
The Good Guys FOX S.1 24/9
Gossip Girl The CW S.4 13/9
Grey’s Anatomy ABC S.7 23/9
Hawaii Five-0 CBS S.1 20/9
Hellcats The CW S.1 8/9
Hell’s Kitchen FOX S.8 21/9
House FOX S.7 20/9
How I Met Your Mother CBS S.6 20/9
Human Target FOX S.2 1/10
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia FX S.6 16/9
Law & Order: Los Angeles NBC S.1 29/9
Law & Order: SVU NBC S.12 22/9
The League FX S.2 16/9
Lie to Me FOX S.3 10/11
Life Unexpected The CW S.2 14/9
Lone Star FOX S.1 20/9
Medium CBS S.7 24/9
The Mentalist CBS S.3 23/9
The Middle ABC S.2 22/9
Mike & Molly CBS S.1 20/9
Modern Family ABC S.2 22/9
My Generation ABC S.1 23/9
NCIS CBS S.8 21/9
NCIS: Los Angeles CBS S.2 21/9
Nikita The CW S.1 9/9
No Ordinary Family ABC S.1 28/9
Parenthood NBC S.2 14/9
Private Practice ABC S.4 23/9
The Office NBC S.7 23/9
One Tree Hill The CW S.8 14/9
Outlaw NBC S.1 15/9
Outsourced NBC S.1 23/9
Rasing Hope FOX S.1 21/9
Rules of Engagement CBS S.5 20/9
Running Wilde FOX S.1 21/9
The Simpsons FOX S.22 26/9
Smallville The CW S.10 24/9
Sons of Anarchy FX S.3 7/9
Supernatural The CW S.6 24/9
Survivor: Nicaragua CBS S.21 15/9
Terriers FX S.1 8/9
Top Chef: Just Desserts Bravo S.1 22/9
Two and a Half Men CBS S.8 20/9
Undercovers NBC S.1 22/9
Undercover Boss CBS S.2 26/9
The Vampire Diaries The CW S.2 9/8
The Walking Deaf AMC S.1 31/10
The Whole Truth ABC S.1 22/9


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